Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nothing but "Yes" on Prop 87

Voting “yes” on Prop 87 should be a no-brainer. We all know that we are (in a word) fucked unless we start finding new, efficient energy sources that will replace petroleum as a major source of energy. Prop 87 promises to cut petroleum consumption by a fourth by funding people to research alternative energy sources, more efficient alternative energy vehicles, and more efficient technology. It also provides money to educate and train those who want to help in this very important research.

Considering that it will not be long before the world begins to run out of petroleum, Prop 87 should be passed even if it meant higher gas prices. But it doesn’t. The proposition specifically states that the 1.5% to 6% tax on California oil producers used to fund Prop 87 cannot be passed on to consumers. That is, oil producers can’t raise gas prices just because they don’t want to lose money. So really, the only people hurt financially by Prop 87 are the big oil companies, and frankly, they are too filthy rich already to be bothered by the tax. I cannot bring myself to feel bad for a business that grossed $87 billion last year.

Our environment is much more important. Resources are running low, gas prices are running high, and we need a way to fuel our cars that neither hurts the environment nor makes drivers groan as they watch the price of a tank pass $40. So help the environment and yourselves, Vote Yes on Prop 87.

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