Friday, July 24, 2009

Cafe d'Soleil Review

Tucked away in a random Cypress strip mall are literally the best croissants in the world. Honestly, I've eaten croissants all across Europe, including quite a few in France, and none compare to the thick, buttery, mouth-watering tastiness of the delights at Cafe d'Soleil. And such variety! With many flavors everyday, if you ever get bored of their plain croissants (and in over ten years, I still haven't), you'll have a cornucopia of other choices. Croissants not your thing? Their large selection of coffees, sandwiches, smoothies, and other baked goods will leave your mouth satisfied no matter your tastes. So when you get that morning hankering for coffee and something sweet, let Cafe d'Soleil satisfy you because these croissants are worth the calories.

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