Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Cultural Bargain

Have you ever gone into an art gallery and seen that one painting that speaks to you…urging you to surrender half your bank account? If you’d like a nice piece of art, visit the Art Link where instead of dipping into the kids’ college fund, your purchase will contribute to another kid’s college savings. From impressionist views of Venetian canals to striking Hawaiian sunsets to the occasional modern piece to scenes from our very own Long Beach, this gallery’s paintings represent of all parts of the world. Even if paintings aren’t your style, you might fancy a wooden African mask, hand-painted glass wind chimes, mini metalwork statues, or another of the unique art pieces found here. But the best thing about this shop is that it gives back. Ninety percent of the artwork is done by students, five to twenty percent of which is done in Long Beach, allowing the art to be sold at reasonable prices while still keeping college students from starvation. The Art Link accepts student work from all over the world, covering all of Europe, parts of Asia, Mexico, Central America, and these here United States, and much of the artwork reflects its maker’s home country, giving you that student’s unique image of his or her nation. Artwork ranges from about $30 to $350 which is wonderful for what you’re getting. As owner Alain Clair says, “It makes people feel good to have a piece in their home,” and in this store, the average Joe can actually afford to bring a little sophistication into his living room. So if you find yourself glued to the window of an expensive art gallery, stop dreaming and pay the Art Link a visit.

429-J Shoreline Village Dr.
Long Beach, CA 90802
Shoreline Dr. and Shoreline Village Dr.

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