Thursday, March 24, 2011

Celtic Crossings Epitomizes Irish Pubs

This Irish pub is absolutely authentic from its beer list to its atmosphere even to its customers and its owners.  Seriously.  If you were to walk into a pub in Ireland, this is what it would look like.

The atmosphere is perfect.  The dark wood bar and fireplace give Celtic Crossings an Irish feel while the large number of booths and tables as well as the long bar provide the perfect place to meet a few friends and talk after work, making it an excellent pub.  It's a rather quiet place, and that suits the atmosphere perfectly by allowing for actual conversation.  One of the best aspects in my mind is that unlike many American Irish pubs, Celtic Crossings doesn't try too hard.  The pub's overtly Irish paraphernalia is limited to one small Irish flag behind the bar, and the rest of the pub is decorated with antiques that give it a cozy feel and paintings that bring a little light into the bar.  The subtlety of the Irishness is what really makes this feel like a pub that has immigrated from Ireland instead of a good American imitation.  And there is a trapdoor behind the bar that leads into the cellar, and that is just awesome beyond words.

The tap is exactly what you would expect from a pub in Ireland with lots of European beers, including Ireland's own Guiness, Smithwick's, and Magner's (ask for a dash of 7-UP in your Smithwick's for a true Irish trick).  They also sport a large variety of whiskey for those in search of the drunker side of Ireland.  The only downside to this pub is that the alcohol selection beyond beer could be bigger, and it does not have food.  However, these facts only accentuate the pub's Irishness, for finding a good cocktail in the UK and Ireland is next to impossible, and while many Irish pubs do have food, a meal is not what most customers are looking for.  Irish pubs are about good conversation and a good time, not getting drunk or getting fed or getting the best drink.  It's all about a homey place where you can be with friends and have fun, and that is what this pub understands so perfectly.

There's much more to say about Celtic Crossings, but the best way to understand it is to experience it, and anyone who likes Irish pubs must visit, for there is a good chance that you will never find a pub as authentic outside of Ireland.  This is truly the perfect Irish pub in America.

Celtic Crossings
751 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 337-1005

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